Lawmakers Express Concerns About Charter School Applications to DOE

A bipartisan, bicameral group of 20 legislators sent a letter Thursday to the Department of Education raising concerns about new charter school applications currently being considered.

The letter, which was authored by Reps. Kim Williams and Helene Keeley and signed by 15 House Democrats, notes the four of the five new charter applications would draw heavily from Red Clay School District. Pulling students from the district, the legislators said, would have a financial and enrollment impact, potentially reducing the number of students by 800 and removing $2.6 million in local funds.

"The state must do everything in its power to ensure that all families and children have the opportunity to attend schools that are a welcome part of the community, and this includes the community of public schools that charter schools will be operating amongst," the letter reads. "The charters that the state approves must, at the very least, provide our students with a wholly unique and high-quality education. It is not clear that these five charters, especially those that will impact the public school districts of New Castle County, will meet these expectations."

Read the full letter below.



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