Lawmakers Send Letter to Amazon Supporting Unionization

March 4, 2021
Jeff Bezos
Chief Executive Officer, Inc.
410 Terry Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98109
Andy Jassy
Chief Executive Officer
Amazon Web Services
410 Terry Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98109
RE: Encouraging a free and fair National Labor Relations Board election
Dear Mr. Bezos and Mr. Jassy:
Last week President Biden delivered a clear and unequivocal message to Amazon, its many thousands of employees, and the American people: Workers in the United States have the right and the freedom to organize and to advocate for their best interests in the workplace, and no company has the right to silence their voices, period.
We write to echo the President’s sentiments and strongly urge Amazon to respect a free and fair National Labor Relations Board election in Bessemer, Alabama that will have implications for workers all across the nation, including several thousand of our constituents in Delaware.
Amazon has realized enormous success through the pandemic, reaping record profits while continuing to grow and expand its services to an ever greater number of customers. While technology and innovation play key roles in Amazon’s unprecedented achievements in the world of commerce, your company is built on its workers. Your professional accomplishments and your personal fortunes are directly attributable to the productivity of Amazon’s workforce. Please remember this as you direct your company strategy related to organized labor and the fair treatment of your employees. Reports of the tactics employed by Amazon to oppose the organization effort in Alabama are troubling to say the least.
The Amazon workers we know as friends and neighbors here in the President’s home state want the same things that all Americans want for themselves and their families.
They want fair pay they can build a life on. They want working hours that are reasonable and shifts designed for human beings, not machines. They want basic benefits like sick leave and affordable health care. As President Biden so often says, a good job is about more than just a paycheck, a good job is about dignity.
On behalf of all of Amazon’s workers serving in a multitude of roles in facilities of all types across Delaware, we ask that you see them, that you recognize the value they bring to your company, and that you make every effort to treat them fairly, compensate them ethically, and respect their right to organize if they so choose.
Sean Matthews
State Representative, 10th District
Kimberly Williams
State Representative, 19th District
Vice-Chair, House Labor Committee
Edward Osienski
State Representative, 24th District
Chair, House Labor Committee
John Walsh
State Senator, 9th District
Chair, Senate Labor Committee
Nicole Poore
State Senator, 12th District
Vice-Chair, Senate Labor Committee
Valerie Longhurst
Representative, 15th District
House Majority Leader
David P. Sokola,
Senator, 8th District
Senate President Pro-Tem
Paul Baumbach
Representative, 23rd District
David Bentz
Representative, 18th District
Gerald Brady
Representative, 4th District
William Carson
Representative, 28th District
Krista Griffith
Representative, 12th District
Stephanie Hansen
Senator, 10th District
John Kowalko
Representative, 25th District
Larry Lambert
Representative, 7th District
Sarah McBride
Senator, 1st District
John Mitchell
Representative, 13th District
House Majority Whip
Sherae’a Moore
Representative, 8th District
Eric Morrison
Representative, 27th District
William Charles Paradee, III
Senator, 17th District
Sherry Dorsey Walker
Representative, 3rd District
Madinah Wilson-Anton,
Representative, 26th District
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