Mulrooney: Medical Examiner should be suspended without pay


DOVER – House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee Vice Chair Rep. Michael Mulrooney, D-Pennwood, released the following statement after last week's  joint committee briefing on the Office of the State Medical Examiner:

“In light of the information shared today by State Prosecutor Kathleen Jennings regarding the misuse of state resources by Chief Medical Examiner Richard T. Callery, I believe Mr. Callery should be suspended from his duties without pay, pending further investigation of this possibly criminal activity.

“Mr. Callery is accused of essentially running a private business enterprise out of his state office, using taxpayer time, money and staff to support his own interests. Mr. Callery has already been pulled off the job, and until the serious issues in this office are fully dealt with, the public should not have to pay his six-figure salary.”