Rep. Bennett: Stop Playing the Blame Game

The following letter to the editor appeared in the October 6 edition of the Delaware State News.

The continuing fight over federal government shutdown might be taking place in our nation’s capital, but its effects can be felt here in our state’s capital.

Some national politicians are talking about how this shutdown shows that we have a bloated government and don’t need all these “non-essential” positions. They are going on television to talk about “winning” the messaging war on this manufactured crisis. They are making a big show about a closed World War II monument and veterans’ right to tour the memorial.

Here in Dover, we have our own military situation. About 500 civilian workers at Dover Air Force base have been furloughed due to the government shutdown. These aren’t wealthy people who view this as a vacation – these are middle-class families who likely don’t have a huge savings account to fall back onto. They don’t know when their next paycheck is going to arrive, but they still have to make plans to pay their bills and put food on the table.

This is real life. It was reported that the base’s commissary was overwhelmed with airmen who wanted to buy groceries before it closed due to the shutdown, which has also forced the closing of the Air Mobility Command museum and the base library. This affects the morale of our airmen who bravely serve our country.

Until some members of Congress see this shutdown for what it really is doing to our communities, nothing is going to improve. Congress needs to put aside their divisive ideologies and solve this problem for the sake of everyone.

- Rep. Andria L. Bennett, 32nd District