Rep. Bentz: U.S. House GOP health care plan would worsen coverage

The following statement is a response to the U.S. House GOP plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act

 The U.S. House Republicans’ plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act would worsen health care coverage by being less accessible, while marginalizing people who need affordable care the most, such as low-income older Americans. It is not a serious solution and it would have serious ramifications for Delaware families.

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that under the ACA, a 60-year-old Delawarean who makes $20,000 could receive an $11,760 tax credit. With the new GOP TrumpCare plan, that same resident would receive a credit of only $4,000. That’s a significant hit that could punish a person trying to improve their life by sending them into debt and putting strains on the family.

Preliminary S & P Global Ratings show that as many as 10 million people could lose coverage if the GOP’s bill becomes law. Older Americans could be charged a significant amount more for health care. And Delaware’s budget would face serious challenges with the proposed cuts to Medicaid.

Any effort to reform health care must be done in a sensible and sensitive way so that Delawareans, and residents across America, don’t get hurt in the process.