Rep. Bolden to GOP: Don't Use Wilmington to Score Points


This letter to the editor was published in the Dec. 23rd edition of the (Wilmington) News Journal


Nearly a year ago, Delaware Republicans made a big overture about helping the city I call home. Republicans acknowledged that Wilmington was in crisis and pledged to reach across party lines to help Delaware’s largest city.

Just last month, Delaware GOP chairman Charlie Copeland said, “If we are going to save the City of Wilmington then we need to work together in a bi-partisan manner. I, and all Republicans across the state, extend a hand to the leaders of Wilmington to sit down and talk about real reform and real change to improve the lives of City residents. The time for press conferences, rallies and special commissions is long over.”

I agree with what Republicans have said. So I was very pleased earlier this month to see the Joint Finance Committee, which includes four Republicans, vote unanimously to provide additional resources to fight violent crime in Wilmington. But just days later, Republican leaders chose to play politics with the issue, sending a letter to the JFC chairs, in part asking them, “Why were other cities and towns not afforded the same opportunity to receive funds in this instance?”

I believe that my colleagues care about Wilmington, but I feel that some care more about making a political point at the expense of a city that is in dire need of help. Turning off the political rhetoric and point-scoring machine just once would go a long way toward showing everyone that you’re sincere.

In the meantime, I repeat my offer to any political official (only one took me up on it last year) to come witness crimes happening within sight of my doorstep, or walk by chalk outlines on their way to their car in the morning. That is the reality we live in every day, and there’s no room for political posturing here.


Stephanie T. Bolden

State Representative, 2nd District