Rep. Dennis E. Williams July Newsletter

Future Preservation

The Darley House in Claymont is a fixture in our community. Built in 1790 and later purchased by world-renowned illustrator Felix Octavius Carr Darley (1821-1888), The Victorian mansion, now known as the Darley House, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Darley created illustrations for the most famous authors of his era, including: Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Washington Irving, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Harriet Beecher Stowe among others. In fact, the demand for Darley’s illustrations was so great that books of the time were promoted and marketed as, “illustrated by Darley.”

Dear Neighbor,

We just finished up the first leg of the 147th General Assembly, which was a packed, productive session. A host of important issues were on the docket and many of the resulting pieces of legislation will help improve the quality of life for Delawareans of diverse backgrounds – such as marriage equality, reducing gun violence and charter school reform. Marriage equality, reducing gun violence and charter school reform are extremely important issues, however there are also issues from the 10th District that require attention.

As I look back on the session, in my first year as a member of the Bond Bill Committee, one of the accomplishments I am most proud of is securing funds for the restoration of the Darley House. The funds allocated to the Darley House project will be used to make necessary updates to the property, including an energy efficiency update as well as the addition of paved walkways and fences. The ability to secure such funds is a major reason we need strong representation from the 10th District. I am committed to fighting for these types of projects.

With the first leg of the General Assembly in the books, there is one more to go. In the upcoming session I’ll be focused on continuing to fight for the 10th District as well as legislation I believe in. That includes legislation I introduced this session to strengthen reforms to Delaware’s to door-to-door solicitation laws. This means mandating that those who engage in door-to-door solicitation register with the state and identify themselves as they make their way around communities. This is common-sense legislation that will keep our neighborhoods safe.

I supported marriage equality and I was proud to see Delaware take that step this year. This is an issue of fairness – all Delaware couples who are in a loving and committed relationships deserve the respect and recognition of marriage.

We all were shocked and saddened by the actions at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. Delaware took its time in assembling a package of bills designed to reduce gun violence through a variety of methods: keeping firearms out of the hands of those prohibited, addressing mental health issues and increasing penalties for those who commit gun crimes. We made some noticeable improvements, such as requiring background checks on virtually all firearm purchases and mandating the reporting of lost or stolen firearms. These measures will go a long way to making sure firearms stay out of the hands of those who should not possess them.

While these issues tend to get a lot of the media coverage, other pieces of legislation also continue to help move Delaware forward, including:

While the legislature is out of session feel free to contact my office at (302) 577-8476 anytime, or email me


Dennis E. Williams