This Week's Legislative Round-Up


The following legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives this week:

House Bill 246 (Paradee) – Updates Delaware’s criminal code and broaden the “unlawful use of a credit card” statute to include debit cards and other types of payment cards.

Status: House Judiciary Committee


House Bill 261 (Scott) – Child Online Protection Act outlines several key provisions that websites would be required to implement for users in Delaware, including a requirement to comply with requests from users to take down material they posted as minors, even if the person making the request is no longer a minor; Also prohibits website hosts from targeting advertising for products such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco and weapons to users they know are under the age of 18.

Status: House Telecommunication Internet & Technology Committee


House Bill 264 (J. Johnson) – Enables the Department of Correction to offer casual seasonal employment for up to 6 months to ex-offenders who demonstrate exceptional job skills while enrolled in a Level 4 or Level 5 vocational program

Status: House Corrections Committee


House Bill 267 (Heffernan) – Requires that public middle schools and high schools include information regarding the SEED and Inspire scholarship programs in all printed and electronic communications concerning school activities.

Status: House Education Committee


The following legislation was passed in the House this week:


House Bill 208 (Jaques) – Assures that driver’s license addresses and voter registration addresses are the same.

Status: House passed, to Senate


House Bill 259 (Scott) – Makes permanent the pilot program originally created in 2011, which required the state’s Department of Education to estimate each school district’s enrollment for the following school year in May, and guarantee state funds to each district sufficient to cover 98% of the state’s share of hiring the teachers justified by that enrollment estimate.

Status: House passed, to Senate


House Bill 233 (Baumbach) – Eliminates language providing that if the Board of Directors of the Delaware Manufactured Home Relocation Authority does not adopt an adjusted assessment on or before January 31, 2006 then the Board shall eliminate the fees in its entirety.

Status: House passed, to Senate


House Resolution 25 (Schwartzkopf) – Celebrates the week of March 16th through March 22nd, 2014 as Sunshine Week in Delaware.

Status: House passed


The following bills were released from committee this week:


House Bill 241 (Hudson) – Defines tobacco substitute to include modern e-cigarettes, and prohibits a person from selling or distributing tobacco substitutes to minors; Further prohibits minors from purchasing or receiving such tobacco substitutes.

Status: On House Ready List