Wilmington House delegation, with Speaker's support, reaches out to Gov. Markell on city crime

The House’s Wilmington delegation sent this letter to Gov. Markell at the end of December, offering help and pledging to work cooperatively to help formulate and implement solutions to the city’s crime problem.

Speaker Schwartzkopf has offered his full support for their efforts, realizing that escalating crime in Delaware’s largest city has ripples that reach across the state:

“Even though I live down in Rehoboth Beach, where everyone likes to come and play on vacation, I am very concerned about the city of Wilmington, because the city of Wilmington is the economic engine of our state.

I stand with and support members of the General Assembly who have come forward to help out the city of Wilmington, because as the city of Wilmington goes, the rest of our state goes.

They have some huge problems, and we all need to get together, come up with a plan and try to work on those problems.”                

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