The Joint Finance Committee begins budget work
House Legislators Oppose Immigration Executive Order
Celebrating Black History Month
AARP honors House Democrats
Closing the "Charleston Loophole" for Gun Background Checks


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Lawmakers unveiled a trio of bills Wednesday aimed at increasing voter turnout and encouraging more people to participate in the electoral process. The measures would consolidate state and presidential primaries, open early voting and establish automatic voter registration at the Division of Motor Vehicles. Taken together, the bills would have the effect of registering more Delawareans to vote while increasing opportunities to vote.



Proposed legislation would help Delawareans shopping for automobile insurance policies. They would no longer have their price quotes impacted by their age, marital status, credit, income or other personal life decisions.




The U.S. House Republicans’ plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act would worsen health care coverage by being less accessible, while marginalizing people who need affordable care the most, such as low-income older Americans. It is not a serious solution and it would have serious ramifications for Delaware families.

Make no mistake, “right-to-work” legislation is anything but. These laws directly affect our neighbors who work as teachers, police, government employees and construction workers by weakening and removing the ability to bargain collectively for health insurance coverage, safe workplaces and retirement benefits.