Rep. Kim Williams' February Community Update


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Dear Neighbor,

I hope this message finds you well! 

The 148th General Assembly is currently on break and will reconvene on Tuesday, March 8th, following the Joint Finance Committee's series of public hearings to review the state's annual budget. The schedule for the Joint Finance Committee meetings can be found by visiting the Delaware General Assembly website here, and Governor Markell's proposed budget for fiscal year 2017 can be found here.  

In addition, I have provided a brief legislative update regarding House Bill 186, the Charter Audit bill, as well as several bills that I introduced in January. Please see below for additional information. 

I would also like to provide you with information regarding several important matters, including details about tax preparation and a notice from the Attorney General about fraudulent fundraising calls to support the "Delaware Firefighters Foundation."

As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office with any questions or concerns you may have about issues in the 19th District or the state. 


Kim Williams



Legislative Updates 

As we prepare for the remainder of the 148th General Assembly, I would like to provide you with several updates about the legislation that I have sponsored. 

  • House Bill 186: Charter School Audits – HB 186 would add charter schools to the list of entities for audits through the Auditor of Accounts. Currently, there is no legislative authority to require charter schools to submit to the Auditor of Accounts processes. The bill passed in the House of Representatives on June 30th, 2015, and was recently released from the Senate Education Committee. Click here to view the legislation
  • House Bill 232: State Board of Education Public Comment – HB 232 will require the State Board of Education to accept public comment on all agenda items at its meetings, including charter school applications and changes to regulations. The bill has been assigned to the House Education Committee. Click here to view the legislation.
  • House Bill 234: School-Based Health Centers – HB 234 requires all public secondary schools, including vo-tech schools, but not including charter schools, to have a school-based health center. The bill has been assigned to the House Education Committee. Click here to view the legislation.
  • House Bill 250: School Bullying – In 2014, the Legislature passed a bill adding instances of reported and recorded bullying to the list of reasons why a child could be withdrawn from a school before the expiration of the statutory minimum enrollment period. This bill clarifies that law by adding a requirement that the instance of bullying must be substantiated. The bill has been assigned to the House Education Committee. Click here to view the legislation
  • House Bill 260: State Board of Education Meetings – HB 250 requires the State Board of Education to hold all of its meetings at 5:30 p.m., or after, in order to facilitate the attendance of interested teachers, parents, and community members. The bill has been assigned to the House Education Committee. Click here to view the legislation

Fraudulent Calls Notice from Attorney General 

Attorney General Matt Denn warns Delawareans to be wary of potentially unauthorized telephone solicitations involving the “Delaware Firefighters Foundation” supposedly on behalf of local fire companies and firefighters.

The calls display a local (302) area code, and the callers request donations for the “Delaware Firefighters Foundation,” or they claim to be soliciting funds for “your local fire company” or “injured firefighters in your area,” without actually identifying the fire company or firefighters by name. There is no known charitable organization registered under “Delaware Firefighters Foundation” in Delaware or with the IRS Exempt Organization Division.

Delaware law requires callers to supply you with certain information, including:
 Whether they are a paid fundraiser;
 Where they are calling from, including company name and location;
 The charity for which the funds are being raised;
 The amount of the consumer’s donation that will actually go to the charity; and
 If they are calling on behalf of police, fire or law enforcement, they must either be an actual law enforcement employee or have written permission from the state, county or local first responder organization to make the call.

Anyone who suspects they have been scammed or have received a suspicious solicitation, the Attorney General encourages donors to call the Attorney General’s toll-free Consumer Hotline at 1-800-220-5424 or email the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit at here for more information

DELACA Tax Preparation Services 

The Free Federal and State Tax Preparation Program has been in operation since 2010 for the benefit of taxpayers within Wilmington and New Castle County. The program operates until April 15th full time from offices in Wilmington's Eastside Neighborhood and on a part-time basis at 16 additional sites throughout New Castle County. Please note that the free services are available for free to single tax payers with incomes of up to $39,000 and single tax payer's with dependents or tax payer's filing a marriage filing joint return with household incomes of up to $51,000. Click here for more information