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Dear Doug,

I hope you're enjoying summer with your friends and loved ones! In this month's newsletter I've included links to some great attractions our state has to offer, including the upcoming Delaware State Fair.

The General Assembly has recessed until January, and I wanted to take the opportunity to provide you with some information about the most significant pieces of legislation I've been working on this year. Below you will find a description of my top-priority bills and their status in the legislative process.

You will also see information below from DNREC about the Polly Drummond Hill Road yard waste site, which is scaling back hours of operation. Alternative sites for homeowners and commercial users is also listed.

I appreciate all the feedback I've received from constituents throughout the first year of this legislative session. I truly value all the input you have to offer and hope that I've done my part to help educate you about the issues facing our community and our state. As always, please don't hesitate to call if there's anything you would like to discuss.



Kim Williams



Legislative Update

These are the most notable pieces of legislation I sponsored this year, some of which have been signed into law or will be soon. Bills that were not enacted will be up for further consideration in January, when the two-year session resumes.

HB 186 - There is presently no legislative authority to require charter schools to submit to the Auditor of Accounts processes. This bill adds charter schools to the list of entities for audits through the Auditor of Accounts.
Status: House Passed

HB 146 - Because of reciprocity agreements and the lack of license fees in our state, the Department of Education processes approximately one to two thousand applications per year from applicants outside of the State of Delaware who do not become employed here. Establishing a $100 fee for new licenses will help deter applicants who apply because of the lack of cost and with the intent to seek reciprocity elsewhere. This will reduce the processing burden and allow the licensure office to better serve the needs of Delaware’s educators.
Status: Awaiting Governor’s Signature

HB 130 - This bill creates a felony level offense for a person that is a health professional and in the course of providing professional health services to the victim, intentionally has sexual contact with the victim. This bill adds to the existing crime of unlawful sexual contact in the second degree and makes the conduct described therein as a felony offense, rather than a misdemeanor, due to the vulnerability of the victim as a patient seeking services from a health professional.
Status: Awaiting Governor’s Signature

HB 75 - The continued existence and dissemination of juvenile criminal histories hampers an individual’s ability to be a successful and productive member of society. Juvenile criminal histories are a hindrance to employment, education, housing and credit. This act modifies the discretionary expungement provisions to allow more individuals the ability to petition the Court for an expungement. These changes allow the Court to consider an expungement where the individual has demonstrated rehabilitation despite multiple youthful indiscretions. These provisions will enable a greater number of deserving youth the ability to move beyond their past and recognizes that most youth mature out of offending behavior.
Status: Signed into Law

HB 1 - The bill identifies responsible employees who, when made aware of alleged incidents of sexual assault on campus, are required to report those incidents to law enforcement and the department of justice. Additionally, HB 1 ensures sensitivity to victims by requiring reporting parties and investigating law enforcement to fully explain their rights and direct them to confidential counseling and advocacy services. The legislation also sets up comprehensive sexual assault prevention and awareness training for all college freshman and all qualified employees. More targeted training will be provided to student populations identified as “at-risk,” such as student athletes, fraternity and sorority members, and international students. Each year, HB 1 would require the attorney general to draft a report for the governor and lawmakers detailing the number and nature of sexual assault incidents on each campus.
Status: House Administration Committee

HB 30 - This bill provides State funding to kindergarten through third grade for basic special education. State funding already occurs for intensive and complex special education during these grades. Currently the basic special education funding runs from fourth through twelfth grade. This bill is an effort to promote earlier identification and assistance for basic special education needs which should then mitigate costs over the long term
Status: House Appropriations Committee.

HB 167 - This act improves enforcement mechanisms related to Delaware’s campaign finance disclosure laws. It requires candidates for elected office to have satisfied any and all outstanding fines levied by the Commissioner of Elections for failure to file required campaign finance reports before being certified as the winner of an election. It also prohibits candidates who violated campaign finance rules from filing for future election until all fines have been paid. The bill also establishes more rigorous enforcement rules for the Commissioner of Elections and requires public posting of campaign finance violations and outstanding fines.
Status: House Administration Committee

Delaware State Fair, July 23- August 1



Click here for information about this year's Delaware State Fair!

Top Things to Do in Delaware

Check out for a great listing of fun things to do across our state this summer!

New Polly Drummond Hill Road Yard Wast Site Schedule

To reduce operating costs and to discourage non-residential use of DNREC’s Polly Drummond Hill Road Yard Waste Drop-off Demonstration Site in northern New Castle County,  the site will run on an abbreviated schedule effective August 3. From that date, Polly Drummond Hill Road site will be closed Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, opening on Fridays and weekends.

The Polly Drummond Hill Road site was opened for the exclusive use of Delaware residents bringing yard waste from their own residential property. No one else – including commercial businesses, such as landscaping and lawn care companies, as well as municipalities – is allowed to drop off yard waste materials at the DNREC site. 

Starting next month the Polly Drummond Hill Road site’s regular hours will be 8 a.m. -sunset, opening on FridaySaturday, and Sunday; with the site to be closed from August 3 for the remaining four days of each week. The new schedule is due in part to cuts in the operating budget for the site that became effective July 1.

Delaware residents wishing to recycle their yard waste on days when the Polly Drummond Yard waste site is closed may manage the material on their own property, arrange for a collection service, or use any of the options listed below. These private businesses offer yard waste drop-off services and may charge a fee for services. For more information, please contact each business directly.

South Chapel Yard Waste Site (closest no-cost option for Delaware residents)
Landscapers, Lawn Care Companies, Businesses, Municipalities, etc. must pay
1034 S. Chapel St. (Route 72), Newark, DE 19702
(This site is operated by Holland Mulch.)

Copeland’s Mulch Depot
2 Honeysuckle Drive (Routes 4 & 7); Stanton, DE 19804

DSWA Cherry Island Landfill   
12th Street and Hay Road; Wilmington, DE 19809

Holland Mulch (no-cost option for Delaware residents)
Landscapers, lawn care companies, businesses, municipalities, etc. must pay 
135 Hay Road; Edgemoor, DE 19809

Robert Gallo Mulch & Tree Service, Inc.  
2204 Rodman Road; Wilmington, DE 19805
302-325-2257; 800-BY-MULCH;