Lawmakers Ask Public Service Commission to Impose Utility Bill Transparency

Bipartisan group of 22 legislators file petition with PSC

DOVER – A bipartisan group of 22 state legislators sent a petition Thursday to the Public Service Commission to require Delmarva Power to show more detail in its monthly billing statements.

The petition, authored by Newark Democrat Rep. John Kowalko, Kenton Republican Sen. David Lawson and Milford Republican Sen. Gary Simpson, asks the Public Service Commission (PSC) to open an investigation on behalf of Delmarva customers to determine whether the utility’s monthly statements should contain more information about specific customer charges.

When Delmarva makes requests a rate increase that will affect the distribution portion of the monthly bill, it is currently impossible for the ratepayers to identify why and how this request is justified. The lack of transparency prevents customers from engaging in the conversation about rate increases and their overall bill.

“Delmarva customers do not know how much they are being charged each month for various legislatively mandated energy initiatives as well as various undisclosed delivery fees added by Delmarva,” the petition reads. “In order for Delmarva customers to clearly understand the financial impact of these various initiatives, their monthly bill must clearly state the cost of each one.”