Rep. Chukwuocha Statement on VA Underpayments of GI Bill

In response to the news about the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and GI benefit repayments, Rep. Nnamdi Chukwuocha, D-Wilmington, who was a Specialist in the United States Army Infantry, issued the following statement:

“The GI Bill made my educational dreams a reality, allowing me to secure my undergraduate degree. These benefits give that hope and promise to so many veterans across the country, and it is a disgrace how red tape and antiquated technological systems stand in the way of those dreams, leaving our military members to foot the bill.

“There is a need for honest reassessment and improvements with the GI benefits systems, not the excuses and half-truths that have become second nature to the Trump Administration. 

“Our military members selflessly commit themselves to service, protecting our nation. These GI benefits are part of that commitment. More than a piece of paper, they have the power to lay the foundation for servicemen and women when they come home. We have to advocate for our veterans, and demand that the federal government upholds its commitment to our veterans.”