Rep. Lynn Statement on Supreme Court Death Penalty Ruling


Rep. Sean Lynn issued the following statement regarding Delaware's Supreme Court decision on the state's death penalty statute: 

"The decision by the Delaware Supreme Court reinforces a belief that I, Sen. Peterson and many other Delawareans share: Delaware's death penalty is unconstitutional and does not comport with modern theories of punishment or prevailing thoughts on criminal justice.  As a sponsor of legislation to abolish the death penalty, I'm obviously pleased with the court's decision, and I am hopeful that this victory for civil rights closes a chapter in our state's history and moves our state forward.  I am also mindful of those who have been executed and who have languished on death row under the four separate iterations of Delaware's death penalty statute, all of which have been found to be unconstitutional.  

"Going forward, I and many supporters of the Repeal Project will be reviewing the 148-page decision to determine what, if any, action should be taken. Our end goal is to ensure that no death sentences are handed down in the future, and if the Supreme Court's decision accomplishes that, then that is an important consideration."