Speaker Schwartzkopf Announces Committee Assignments

DOVER – House Health & Human Development Committee Vice-Chair Rep. Debra Heffernan will serve as committee chair for the remainder of the 148th General Assembly, filling the vacancy created earlier this summer by the resignation of former Rep. Michael Barbieri.

House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf announced the new chairmanship Wednesday, along with announcing committee assignments for Rep. David Bentz, who won a special election in September for Mr. Barbieri’s 18th District seat.

With Rep. Heffernan becoming Health Committee chair, Rep. Bentz will serve as vice-chair on the panel. While serving as his legislative aide for three years, Rep. Bentz staffed Mr. Barbieri on the Health Committee. Rep. Bentz also will serve on the Education, Energy, Labor and Natural Resources Committees.

The House will reconvene for session on January 12, 2016.