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A coalition of women legislators in the General Assembly today unveiled an 11-bill package crafted to address a host of issues that impact Delaware women every day in their workplaces, doctors’ offices, homes and schools. Collectively, the bills are sponsored and cosponsored by every female lawmaker in Dover, from both sides of the aisle in the House and Senate.


Delawareans with disabilities would be able to save money for schooling, housing, transportation and other expenses under legislation introduced by Rep. Melanie George Smith Thursday.


Delaware is once again facing a tight budget year, and we legislators are facing tough decisions these next several months. In addition to our bipartisan Joint Finance Committee – which writes the state’s operating budget – we have a task force looking at our revenue streams and how to improve them. As we move forward, there undoubtedly will be a lot of ideas put on the table to address our budget issues.

Republican lawmakers have already dusted off two of their tried-and-proven-untrue “solutions”: overhaul Delaware’s prevailing wage laws and implement so-called “right-to-work” legislation.

Reps. Earl Jaques and Sean Matthews penned side-by-side newspaper editorials addressing the issue of standardized testing from different perspectives, but with a shared goal for progress.