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House Legislators Oppose Immigration Executive Order


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In light of recent criminal charges filed against a sitting Colonial School District board member, Rep. Paul Baumbach announced Monday that he would rework and file legislation to allow for the removal of public school board members.


Governor John Carney signed three bills Monday designed to simplify part of Delaware’s criminal code to make it more fair and just. The three bills are part of the most ambitious criminal justice package Delaware has seen in a decade, which has aimed to reform the system by breaking down barriers to employment, re-focusing youth justice, reducing the ability to stack charges and supporting judicial discretion in sentencing. Of the 17 bills that have been filed, 11 have now been signed into law.


A safe environment in which to cultivate learning should not be a luxury; it should be an expectation. Yet, this statistic still rings true today: one in five college women are sexually assaulted. Stepping forward to report an incident of sexual assault or harassment is harrowing and shouldn’t be made any more difficult. The DOE guidelines as written will not only cause additional barriers for victims, but it may actually deter them from reporting the crime in the first place. Live hearings, cross-examination and the extremely narrow definition of harassment are just a few of the concerns we have with these guidelines.

"If we want to address our prison population, then there are more long-term and beneficial solutions than the shell game of shipping our overflow problem to other states. We must continue to pursue meaningful bail reform to ensure we are not warehousing detentioners simply because they cannot afford to post bail."