Ending Mandatory Juvenile Shackling
Apologizing for Historic Injustices
Investing in Infrastructure - US 301
Bravery in the Line of Fire
Boosting After School Programming


Welcome to the home page for the Delaware House Democratic Caucus. Here you will find updates about legislation, events and other information from the caucus' perspective.

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Latest News


Citing a dramatic growth in student loan debt and defaults, Rep. David Bentz introduced legislation Thursday that would protect Delawareans from predatory student loan servicing practices.


The House Administration Committee today approved legislation to strengthen sexual violence reporting, training and outreach resources for Delaware colleges and universities, setting the stage for a House floor vote on the measure.


It is past time for us to simply pay lip service to the importance of a healthy family and to actually do something about it, and with that in mind, now is the time for Delaware to “Lead on Leave.” Right now, our state is in a prime position to become one of only a handful of states that offer its public employees paid maternity and paternity leave when they become parents.

We write to encourage you to urge your colleagues and President Obama to provide Puerto Rico with the tools to create a pathway to economic recovery. In June 2015, Puerto Rico’s Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla declared the Commonwealth’s $72 billion debt “not payable” and the government effectively ran out of cash to continue operating.