Ending Child Marriage in Delaware
Rally for the Delaware Equal Rights Amendment
Gulftainer, Port of Wilmington Revitalization
Closing the Wage Gap
House Legislators Oppose Immigration Executive Order


Welcome to the home page for the Delaware House Democratic Caucus. Here you will find updates about legislation, events and other information from the caucus' perspective.

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“For the past six years, I’ve had the privilege and honor to serve the residents of the 18th District in the House of Representatives. Starting out as a legislative aide for the district gave me perspective into the issues facing the community, and I worked to address those problems every day as a representative.

“However, after careful consideration and consultation with my family, I have decided that it would be best to step away from elected office. I will not be running for re-election in 2022. I wanted to make this announcement early so that any potential candidates have plenty of time to explore their options and plan."


Responding to the call from the community for serious, transformative change, the Delaware Legislative Black Caucus announced Thursday that it has successfully advanced numerous police and criminal justice reforms through the General Assembly this year, with more efforts on the horizon. With the conclusion of legislative session on Wednesday, the Black Caucus heralded passage of several of its top priorities, including requiring police to use body-worn camerasbanning chokeholds, mandating the recording of custodial interrogations, prohibiting the publication of juvenile mugshots, and passing an Equal Rights Amendment for race, color and national origin.


Here in Delaware, we are taking our own bold steps to lift up our neighbors and put our state’s economy back on track to benefit those who have sacrificed so much over the years.

As chairs and co-chairs of the House and Senate Labor Committees, we have pushed back against corporate interests, and with the support of every Democrat in the General Assembly, we raised Delaware’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025, along with a $25 million tax break that will help small businesses stay afloat during our recovery from the pandemic. With the help of our General Assembly colleagues, we made unprecedented investments in Delaware’s workforce by creating new pathways for adults and children to obtain a college education, gain new job skills and complete apprenticeship training programs debt-free.

The following is a letter members sent to Delaware's Congressional Delegation regarding DC Statehood.