Ending Child Marriage in Delaware
Rally for the Delaware Equal Rights Amendment
Gulftainer, Port of Wilmington Revitalization
Closing the Wage Gap
House Legislators Oppose Immigration Executive Order


Welcome to the home page for the Delaware House Democratic Caucus. Here you will find updates about legislation, events and other information from the caucus' perspective.

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The House voted Thursday to raise Delaware’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, fulfilling a key priority of this year’s legislative session and fostering a more prosperous future for thousands of working families statewide. Under Senate Bill 15, which cleared the Senate earlier this year, Delaware’s lowest base wage will increase to $10.50 per hour next year, followed by a $1.25 raise in 2023, a $1.50 raise in 2024 and a $1.75 raise in 2025.


House lawmakers passed two bills Thursday that would continue ongoing efforts to revamp Delaware’s criminal justice system by increasing transparency and ensuring that young children aren’t saddled with criminal charges for minor offenses.


The following is a letter members sent to Delaware's Congressional Delegation regarding DC Statehood.

Last week President Biden delivered a clear and unequivocal message to Amazon, its many thousands of employees, and the American people: Workers in the United States have the right and the freedom to organize and to advocate for their best interests in the workplace, and no company has the right to silence their voices, period.