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22 in 22 Challenge for Vets
Investing in Delaware's Parks
Honoring Fallen Officers
Ending Mandatory Juvenile Shackling


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Governor Markell announced today that he has signed an Executive Order that brings a diverse coalition of stakeholders together to reduce the number of suicides by firearm.  It builds upon sustained work across Delaware over more than a decade to understand the many causes and factors that lead to suicide, raise awareness, and promote strategies to reduce suicide. Rep. Longhurst pushed for a task force during the legislative session and approached Governor Markell this fall to create the group.


Surrounded by Albert H. Jones Elementary School fifth graders who had just received a healthy breakfast, Governor Jack Markell signed legislation Wednesday morning that will ensure that Delaware schoolchildren receive breakfast each morning.


You have heard the troubling statistic before: one in five women will be sexually assaulted while in college. The vast majority of these crimes are never reported. These are statistical facts that we and many others have been trying to change across the country and here in Delaware.

We have seen many changes to the Route 1 corridor in the past few years. We are fortunate that our communities are a destination for millions of visitors each year, but those visitors also create challenges for us. The most obvious is the increase in traffic as we are no longer a secret to the outside world. Since my time as Delaware State Police Troop 7 commander, I have seen the steady increase of traffic along Route 1, and what that’s meant for people walking and biking along the road. The increased traffic not only brings congestion but an increased danger for pedestrians and cyclists traveling along a very busy Route 1.