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Welcome to the home page for the Delaware House Democratic Caucus. Here you will find updates about legislation, events and other information from the caucus' perspective.

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Governor John Carney signed into law three bills aimed at helping Delaware youth affected by the criminal justice system lead successful lives on Thursday.


Governor John Carney signed two House bills into law Friday that will expand the state of Delaware’s donated leave program to help new parents as they navigate the birth or adoption of a child. The bills, sponsored by Reps. Debra Heffernan and Larry Mitchell, will make it easier for state workers to donate leave, and for new parents to use that donated leave to care for and bond with their new family members.


We write to you today genuinely troubled by Secretary Betsy DeVos’ decision to rescind the Dear Colleague Letter of 2011 and the subsequent guidance provided by the U.S. Department of Education. While we agree that discussions to improve the guidelines to make them clearer and official through regulations or statutory changes are needed, we are highly concerned with how this decision will impact future victims and survivors of sexual violence on our college campuses right now.

Trump's actions are a direct assault on low-income and middle class families and their bottom lines. Their health care premiums will skyrocket, which means less money for groceries, child care and basic necessities.